What IS a Mortgage?

A Mortgage is nothing to fear. A Mortgage is essentially just a term used for a home loan. Homeownership is a tool many have used to take a leap forward towards financial wellbeing. We’re here to help you learn and gain confidence to take that leap!

Buying a Home Takes:

Financial Health

The responsibility to pay all of your other bills and budget for your mortgage, all other debts, and living expenses.

An Investment

An understanding that there is an investment required by you in the process, even if you just invest your time to make sure you understand the process.

Pros and Cons

An awareness of the unknown ups and downs that come with homeownership AFTER you close.

Buying a Home Isn’t for Everyone . . .
Right Now Anyway

Buying a home should be built on a foundation of understanding what the process truly entails.
But sometimes you have to get your personal house in order before you can do that.

Watch a video to help you find out how to decide if you’re ready now, or later:

Benefits of Home Ownership

You Keep the Equity

Real estate and homes may become more valuable over time. And with a mortgage, you are paying a little off the total mortgage balance with every payment. As the owner, YOU realize that appreciation and equity.

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You Decide

Want to paint the walls? Want to hang shelves? Want to build another bathroom or add a 2nd story? Owning your own home can still have restrictions. But there are usually many more restrictions when you rent than when you own.

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You Save

Many times, a mortgage payment can be surprisingly cheaper per month than renting a comparable home.

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You Have Options

While you do have financial responsibility, you also have flexibility. While renting sometimes has a term, when you own the home, you have the freedom to move or sell at any time.

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(More) Benefits

Access Your Equity

As you gain equity in your home through appreciation, by paying down your mortgage balance, or both, you may be able to access some of that money.

Be More Generous

Use your equity and your savings to give back.

The Smart Investment

The investment you make in owning your own home can be one of the smartest financial moves you’ll ever make.

Own the Home Buying Process.

Don’t let it Own You.


Set Up a Free Consultation to Explore the Home Ownership Process for Yourself.